QRO Application Process

QRO Pricing Structure

If paying by credit card, please select the application in which you are interested and follow the on-screen prompts:

QRO Operator Provisional
QRO Operator Combustion

Please note that there is a technical difference between QRO Provisional Operator and the QRO Combustion Operator Programs. The QRO Combustion Operator certification is for candidates who work at a facility that combusts MSW WITHOUT heat recovery.

(Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your welcome email containing log-in information)

Other payment options:

If you are not paying by credit card, please select the method you would like use. Please note that these payment formats require more processing time:

Check/Money Order – Follow the instructions on the form to submit an applicant or applicants  using a check or money order. You will need each applicant’s physical mailing address(es), as well as their email address(es).

Purchase Order – A purchase order (PO) may be used to submit applicants. The PO must be from a Canadian or US client. 

If you are currently a certificate holder or applicant, log in to ASME-PC Connect.

QRO certification process for new applicant:

  • Once ASME has processed the payment, the prospective applicant will be emailed instructions on how to sign-in and/or create an account within ASME-PC Connect.
  • Once an applicant has been accepted into the program, they will be instructed to contact a conveniently located Prometric Testing Center to schedule their exam.
  • ASME will notify applicants of their test results via email. If the applicant was successful, a certificate will be mailed and their name is entered on the certificate holders listing. If the applicant was not successful, a retest option will be outlined.

QRO recertification process for existing certificate holders

  • The recertification/renewal process will be managed through ASME-PC Connect allowing certificate holders to continue to enjoy the benefits of being credentialed.  Certificate holders who meet the recertification requirements will receive instructions on how to maintain their certification without having to retest.
  • Email is the primary channel of communication please ensure your email system is cleared to receive emails from asme-pcconnect@learningbuilder.com. Paper applications will no longer be provided or accepted.
  • ASME attempted to contact all previous and current certificate holders via email announcing this new system. If you did not receive an email, you may need to update your ASME email address. Please contact ASME’s Customer Care at 1.800.843.2763 (outside US +1.646.616.3100) or email at CustomerCare@asme.org and provide the requested information.

If you would like to apply for New Operator Certification (Shift Supervisor or Chief Facility Operator), see the Site Specific Process.

Transfer applications for the QRO Operator program are now being accepted. Please send an email containing the name, level of certification (Shift Supervisor or Chief Facility Operator) of the current certificate holder who is interested in transferring to: qro@asme.org. Once the request is received, the transfer candidate will be provided with an application and invoice for the current transfer fee.


Before you purchase your certification on-line and create an account, review the three options below to determine which applies to you:

  1. You may already have an account: If you’ve ever completed an ASME certification, been on an ASME Committee, taken ASME courses or attended workshops, chances are you’re already in our system, even in this is your first time seeing this screen. Please use the Forgot Password option before creating a new account.
  2. You are unsure whether you already have an account: Note Sure? Please contact ASME Customer Care at 1.800.843.2763 (US, toll free) or +1.646.616.3100 (internationally) or by email: customercare@asme.org to confirm your account details and get your user name and password.
  3. This is your first time using any ASME system: If so, please create a new account per the sign-on screen.

Important system rules:

  1. As ASME-PC Connect is an email centric system, it is imperative that you keep ASME informed of any change to the email address you use to access your record. Failure to do so will exclude you from accessing your account and you will not receive maintenance emails regarding your certification. (Please refer to the sign-in screen of ASME-PC Connect for information regarding changing your email address.)

  2. Need to keep ASME updated with 'primary email' address at all times.

  3. ASME maintains a zero-tolerance policy for an expired certificate.

  1. Applicants need to apply using their legally recognized and substantiable per official documents. Should your legal forms of identity not conform to what you entered, you must immediately contact ASME to have your name format corrected to match the identification documents.

  2. QRO Operator Transfers need to be completed within 60 days of transferring to the new location.

  3. ASME uses an on-line, real time certification validation process. Certificate holders have access to digital images of their respective certification(s) as well as the real-time verification of their certification.


  1. Purchase examination:

    1. Order activated with corresponding 'welcome' email. If you do not create an examination account in ASME-PC Connect, the applicant is entitled to a 100% refund of purchase amount back to source of payment. Applicants are required to complete and submit an application for ASME review within one year of the purchase date of the exam. Failure to do so will result in the application being closed and refund of unused funds.

  2. Creating an application:

    1. If you have signed into ASME-PC Connect and created an examination application, the applicant will have one year (365 days) to submit an application for ASME review. Failure to submit this application will have the application expunged from the system and forfeiture of all submitted funds.

  3. Examination processing:

    1. Upon acceptance into the examination program, the candidate will be assigned a six months (180 day) eligibility period. The candidate must execute the exam by the end of this period or the ability to take the exam will incur a reinstatement fee. Should the candidate request another attempt at executing an exam, they are required to submit a reinstatement fee. This will provide another six-month (180 day) eligibility. Applicants are limited in the number of reinstatements. Should an application extend beyond the one-year anniversary date of acceptance, the application will be closed with forfeiture of all submitted funds. Failure to adhere to the rules regarding the scheduling, rescheduling or of a nature that the exam was not executed do to a failure to follow policy, the candidate will be required to submit a reinstatement fee to unlock their record and be allowed to execute the exam.

  4. Recertification process:

    1. Certificants are notified of the expiration date on their certification. Starting at six months (180 days), ASME will provide you with a complimentary reminder to complete the recertification process prior to the expiration. Certificants are reminded that ASME has a zero-tolerance policy regarding certificates which have expired, regardless of a completed yet unsubmitted recertification application for ASME review.

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