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Veterans Administration approves ASME Certification Programs for Reimbursement of Examination Fees
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The following list of companies is not endorsed by ASME International. It is solely intended to provide resources of municipal waste combustion operator training materials for professionals interested in achieving ASME QRO - Certification for the Qualification of Operators of Municipal Waste Combustion Facilities. It is the responsibility of the professional to determine the details of the program and it's relevance to the ASME QRO Standard. ASME makes no guarantee that any of the following programs conform to the ASME QRO Standard.

General Physics Corporation
Contact: Russ Garrity
Phone: 970-736-1020, or 410-340-5087
Email: rgarrity@gpworldwide.com
Address: 6095 Marshalee Drive, Suite 300, Elkridge MD 21075
Website: http://www.gpworldwide.com/compliance_training

The primary goal of the GP QRO Test Preparation Course is to provide an adequate level of understanding to enable Waste-to-Energy personnel to complete the requirements of the ASME Standard for Provisional Certification as resource recovery facility operators (ASME QRO-1-1989). The course covers Federal Regulations, Solid Waste Combustion, Refuse Burning, Air Pollution Controls and Devices, Turbine and Pumps. Quizzes are provided at the end of each module to test the students understanding.

Contact: Ray Rennison
Phone: 909-456-5312
Email: raymond.rennison@earthlink.net
Address: 6041 Indigo Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 91701

RTS provides a training course to allow affected facilities to meet the EPA or state MWC Operator Training Course Requirement set forth by - 40 CFR 60.54b (d) . RTS provides training for affected facilities to assist MWC Operators in obtaining an ASME Provisional (QRO) Certification and specific tailored courses to assist Chief Facility Operators (CFO's) and Shift Supervisors (SS) to successfully obtain an ASME Operator (Site-Specific) Certification as required by 40 CFR 60.54b (a).

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)
Phone: 1-888-584-8332 or (703) 605-6050
Email: customerservice@ntis.gov
Address: 5285 Port Royal Rd Springfield, VA 22151
Website: http://ntis.gov

For the NTIS specific course regarding MWC, please use this link:
Municipal Waste Combustor Operator Training Program Course Manual: http://www.ntis.gov/

University of Virginia
Contact: J. Taylor Beard
Phone: 434-924-6211
Email: jtb@virginia.edu
Address: Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, P.O. Box 400746, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4746
Website: http://www.people.virginia.edu/~jtb/mwc.html

This 3-day course presents an updated version of the municipal waste combustor (MWC) operator training program that was developed for the USEPA. An updated course notebook containing copies of all the visual aids and descriptive materials will be provided to each participant. The course presents information covering the three general subject areas of the ASME QRO General Examination (ASME QRO-1-1994). The sequence of topics has been selected to reinforce the theoretical aspects with applications from experience. Operational problems that limit MWC system performance and environmental compliance are discussed.

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