Site Specific Process

Application Process

The application process for the ASME QRO Operator certification program (Shift Supervisor or Chief Facility Operator) requires coordination between the applicant, their employer and ASME Personnel Certification staff. 

It is recommended that the respective site contact who is charged with organizing the exam contact ASME within six months of the anticipated examination date. This will provide ample time to coordinate the applicants as well as coordination of the regulatory authority and board of examiners.
A deposit of $5000 is required per group of applicants before scheduling will be initiated.  This will be applied toward the costs related to conducting the examination and the current certification fee for each successful applicant.  The facility will be billed for any balance due to ASME.   The total cost of an examination is comprised of examination fees and travel expenses for the Board of Examiners.

Once the deposit has been processed and applicants have been identified, they will be issued an email and provided the opportunity to complete and submit an on-line application via the ASME-PC Connect system.

To initiate the QRO Site-Specific examination process, please contact:

Matthew Carnino
Manager, ASME Personnel Certification

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