Alternative Payment Methods

Payment Methods

ASME Invoices, Services or Dues

Credit Card
Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, Discover,and American Express.

India info: 
Residents of India should download the India professional membership application or India student membership application. (Note each application includes local currency payment instructions.) More info on How to Join

Wire Transfer - U.S. Dollars Only
Please call the following number for bank information:
800-843-2763 or 1-646-616-3100

Please Add a $20 Bank Transfer Fee
*Failure to indicate your ASME Member number may delay renewal considerably.

Check or Bank Draft in U.S. Dollars
Payable on a bank situated in the United States or authorized currencies*.

You may choose to pay in the currencies listed below. In order to calculate your membership dues in the currencies listed below, please refer to the current exchange rates which are provided on the following site:
Divide the US Dollar amount by the exchange rate to determine the local currency equivalent.

Example: Canadian Dollars

US Dollars / Exchange Rate = Local Currency Payment

USD 158.00 / 0.77189 = 204.69 CAD

Countries *Authorized Currencies
Australia US Dollars & Australian Dollars
Belgium US Dollars & EURO
Canada US Dollars & Canadian Dollars
Denmark US Dollars & Danish Kroner
England US Dollars & Pound Sterling
European Union US Dollars & EURO
France US Dollars & EURO
Germany US Dollars & EURO
Hong Kong US Dollars & Hong Kong Dollars
Italy US Dollars & EURO
Japan US Dollars & Yen
Netherlands US Dollars & EURO
New Zealand US Dollars & New Zealand Dollars
Norway US Dollars & Norwegian Kroner
Portugal US Dollars & EURO
Singapore US Dollars & Singapore Dollars
Spain US Dollars & EURO
Sweden US Dollars & Swedish Kroner
Switzerland US Dollars & Swiss Francs
Taiwan US Dollars & Taiwan Dollar

International Membership dues discount:
25% to 50% Discount based on the World Bank country classifications, please see International Membership for eligibility.

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