Papers Presented at a Conference

ASME Journals Digital Submission Tool Guidelines and Information


  • ASME currently accepts submissions of papers that have been previously presented at a conference proceeding.
  • Authors are required to identify the conference as part of the submission.
  • A description of modifications made to the paper post-presentation should be included in the Comments box.
  • If copyright is not held by the author, permission to submit the paper for review and possible publication must be obtained by the author prior to submission.
  • The review and publication of a paper that was previously presented at a conference is at the discretion of the Journal Editor.

ASME Conferences

  • ASME accepts submissions of papers that have been accepted for publication in an ASME conference.
  • To avoid dual submission, papers from an ASME conference can only be submitted to a journal after Author Notification of Acceptance.
  • If the date listed on the conference site for Author Notification of Acceptance has passed and the conference is not available on the drop-down list, please contact .
  • Conference papers submitted to an ASME Journal undergo an independent peer-review with the opportunity for the author to provide revision, expansion, and updates based upon the reviews.
  • If accepted for publication, the paper will publish with a unique DOI.
  • Publication of accepted papers in the journal must follow the online publication of the official conference proceedings on The ASME Digital Collection. This is required for accurate reference to the final status of the accepted conference paper.
  • A reference to the conference publication should be included as a footnote and reference in the journal paper.
  • Citations should be made to the most recently published version of the paper on the ASME Digital Collection.
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If a paper from a conference is accepted for publication in a journal, a new copyright is required for the following reasons: 

  1. Facilitate long-term digital storage and retrieval of copyright documents required by U.S. law
  2. Authorship may change from the conference version
  3. Content may change prior to journal submission making it a unique work
  4. Content may change during peer-review

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