Supplemental Material

ASME Journals Digital Submission Tool Guidelines and Information

Supplemental Material

  • Supplemental Material refers to files related to, but not essential to, a specific paper.
  • A Paper must be complete and standalone without the Supplementary Material.
  • Supplementary Material typically includes relevant material that does not form part of the main paper, which may include additional data such as computer code, tables, figures, text, and even videos.
  • Supplementary Material is hosted on the ASME Digital Collection only, and does not print.
  • Any Supplemental Material provided goes online “as is” and is neither typeset nor edited.
  • Supplemental Material is only considered for a Research Paper or a Review Article.
  • For Data, please see: ASME Data Policy and Repositories
Supplemental Material vs. Appendices
Appendices will appear at the end of the paper in the print and online versions. All Appendices are included within the body of the paper. Appendices are reviewed, edited, and typeset.

Supplemental Material will not appear in the print version. It will appear as a link within the body of the paper in the online version. Supplemental Material is not reviewed, edited, or typeset.

Types of Files Accepted for Supplemental Material

The following file types are accepted for Supplemental Material: 
  1. Document: pdf, xml; txt; docx; xlsx
  2. Image: jpg; png; gif; tif; tiff; bmp
  3. Video: mpg; mpeg; mov; avi; wmv
  4. Audio: mp3; mp4; wav; au

Submitting Supplemental Material with the Initial Submission
Supplemental text should be included as a separate section at the end of the PDF submitted for review.

For all other types of files that cannot be uploaded through the Journal Tool, in particular video files, please contact the editorial office for transfer of the materials. 

Submitting Supplemental Material within Final Manuscript Files
For text, graphics, and tables:
  1. Insert placeholders for each mention of Supplementary Material within the paper. For example, “[See Supplemental Material] [See Supplemental Figure 1]. The exact language will be updated by ASME before the final proof.
  2. Supplemental Material in table or text form should appear as a separately labeled section at the end of the manuscript PDF file and either at the end of the manuscript .docx file or as a separate LaTex file, clearly labeled with some variation of “Supplemental.”
  3. All supplemental figures and tables must be numbered separately from the manuscript figures and tables beginning with “1” (e.g. Supp. Fig. 1, Supp. Fig. 2).
  4. All supplemental figure files must be uploaded as individual tiff or eps files with the filename including some variation of the label “Supplemental.”
  5. Please note that Supplemental Material is not edited or formatted by ASME and will appear exactly as it is submitted.
For all other types of files that cannot be uploaded through the Journal Tool, in particular video files, please contact the Production Coordinator of the specific journal.


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