Submitting Your Work

ASME Journals Digital Submission Tool Initial Submission

Step 2: Submitting Your Work

This step involves identifying the paper type, selecting the journal to which you wish to submit, and providing the projected title and relevant text (and files) of your work.


You can arrive at this submittal screen in a few ways: from the Author Center on the toolbar, through a link provided on the Purpose and Scope page of each journal title to the left on the home page, through a link for new authors at the bottom of the home page. You may have pre-selected a paper type and journal name through one of these routes. If not, you will be asked to do so here.

Identify a Paper Type

Technical submissions, which undergo rigorous peer review, include:

  • Full-length research papers
  • Technical briefs
  • Design innovation papers

Non-technical submissions, which undergo editorial review, may include:

  • Book reviews
  • Technology reviews
  • Discussions
  • Closures
  • Announcements
  • Editorials

The submittal screen varies depending on paper type selected. For example, if you are submitting a research paper, you will be asked to provide a short, text-only abstract as well as a full-length paper. However, if you are submitting a book review, you will be prompted to upload a file only (no abstract will be requested). The information provided below gives general guidance to the most common fields requested.

Journal Title

You must select a specific journal for submission. For an overview of all 34 ASME journals, you can access individual journals, including their purpose and scope, from the home page. Or, you can select Technical Journals from the About Journals button on the toolbar. This link will take you to the site and to the individual journal home pages.

Paper Title

The title of the work should be concise and definitive. It should be grammatically correct and contain no typographical errors. The paper title should be provided in upper and lowercase letters, not all capitals or lowercase letters.
NOTE: you can add special characters to a paper title only in the pdf version of the paper.  When first submitting the title in the journal tool field, there can be no "special characters" added.

Conference Papers

Permission to submit a paper that was presented or published at a Conference must be received prior to submission. Copyright permission, when applicable, must be obtained by the authors and provided to ASME.

The conference paper number should be provided for ASME conference papers.

If a submission is based upon a conference paper with enough changes to be considered a new work, this should still be noted in a footnote on the first page.


The abstract (required for research papers and technical briefs) should give a clear indication of the objective, scope, and results of the paper. The abstract should be text only (no special characters, Greek, or math please) and no more than 250 words. The abstract text can be typed directly in the field provided or you can cut and paste into this field from a word-processing file. (Please keep in mind the length of a user session is 1.5 hours.)

File Upload

All submissions, regardless of paper type, must be submitted in PDF format.


Brief comments may be provided at your discretion. This requires text only and cannot exceed 500 characters.


Authors must agree to the following statement to submit a work for review:

This paper has not been published, is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, nor will be made available for consideration for publication simultaneously elsewhere, in whole or in part, either in a serial, a professional journal, or as a part in a book that is formally published and made available to the public

If you unable to agree to the statement, you should cancel and not complete the submission. Please note that the corresponding author account will still be active should you wish to submit another work.

ASME uses plagiarism screening software on all submissions. All text will be compared to previously published works to create a Similarity Report that will be reviewed by the Editor. Please see Ethics Policies for more information.

From this step you will proceed to Step 3 - Adding Authors.

If your paper does not have any additional authors, you can skip this step and choose Finish to submit your work.

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